Empowerment & Joint Development: MONTNETS Was Invited to Participate in 2020 MVNO & VAS Conference


Author: Montnets


Dec. 24 to 25, International MVNO & VAS Conference 2020 was officially held in Beijing, which was jointly sponsored by VA Services Professional Committee & VO Branch of China Association of Communication Enterprises (CACE), 5G Home Internet Innovation Platform of ASIAOTT & DVBCN. As the executive deputy director unit of CACE, MONTNETS once again attended the conference. Also, its director and senior vice president Tian Feichong was invited to participate in the launching ceremony of big data analysis platform in SMS industry, thereby being with other guests to witness the new development of the industry.

With Empowerment & Joint Development as theme, and with the development of 5G, RCS, ESIM and IOT as opportunity, the conference was attended by more than 100 participants including leaders from CACE, CAICT and ISC as well as heads from a number of well-known enterprises who discussed new ecology of MVNO and related value-added services, and possibilities for integration of MVNO and application scenarios, so as to promote the sustainable and healthy development of China's mobile resale industry and value-added telecommunications industry.

With the popularization of digital technology and the spread of business digital transformation wave, data resources have become a new kind of resources. Under such a background, how to scientifically use information big data, fully excavate and analyze its value, and promote the healthy development of the communication industry, has become an important direction of the communication industry; and the SMS industry big data analysis platform has emerged.

The original intention of big data analysis platform in SMS industry is to better protect information security and network security. At the conference, Mr. Hao Zhichao, director of 12321 Report Center (which is a center for network unhealthy and spam information reporting) made a speech. He said that the development of Internet made it possible to collect users' wishes conveniently, and said that, in order to standardize the healthy development of communication industry, it is necessary to continuously implement the introduction of emerging information technology, upgrade user experience, and ensure the safety of user data.

As a cloud communication service provider that has been deeply engaged in the communication industry for nearly 20 years, MONTNETS has been actively participating in the ecological development & innovation of the industry. This time, it is invited to participate in the launching ceremony of big data analysis platform of SMS industry, which laid a new practical foundation for its continuous innovation in the healthy development mode of SMS industry and its promotion in the effective fusion of SMS industry and 5G communication, cloud computing, big data and other new technologies.

At the dinner party, MONTNETS was awarded the silk banner by VA Services Professional Committee & VO Branch of CACE, which is the full recognition of its strong sense of responsibility in the prevention and control of the new epidemic.

In the diversified market economy environment, data and platform are an important premise of scientific decision-making and accurate implementation, and also a general trend of information service in 5g era. As a leading provider in information technology services, MONTNETS will always be committed to playing an existing role in the enterprise information service construction and digital transformation, and work together with industry partners to build an innovative communication ecology which is inclusive, exchangeable, shared and win-win, so as to help the industry develop healthily, orderly and continuously.

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