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Company Profile

Montnets International (HK) Co., Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Montnets Group. As a leading enterprise cloud communication service provider in China, Montnets technology has built a multi-dimensional cloud communication service ecosystem for more than ten thousand enterprises in China.

Now, Montnets International Communication (HK) Co., LTD. 's main international cloud communication business is developing rapidly, covering more than 200 countries around the world and establishing strategic cooperation with more than 800 operators around the world. Montnets international aims to further strengthen the global information connection and become a "communication router" for domestic enterprises to go abroad and foreign enterprises to enter China.

Group Background

Shenzhen Montnets Technology Development Co., LTD., founded in September 2001, is a listed company on China Sme Board (stock code: 002123). At present, it is mainly engaged in one of the largest enterprise cloud communication platforms in China, and is a leading mobile Internet operation and support service provider in China. "IM cloud, video cloud, iot cloud, digital cloud" four in one. Maintain more than 70% performance growth for many consecutive years.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, the company has regional centers in more than 20 large and medium-sized cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, with nearly 1,500 employees, including more than 600 r&d personnel, and about 15,000 square meters of office space. Together with China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom and nearly a thousand large well-known enterprises, we have carried out in-depth research and development, construction, maintenance and service in the field of mobile application operation support. At present, the main business is cloud communication, and will further expand cloud computing and cloud business in the future.

  • 60M
    Daily International SMS Sending
  • NO.1
    Cloud Communication Service Provider in China
  • 1200
    Global Operators Connectivity
  • 200K
  • 4.1B
    Group Annual Revenue
  • 1200 +
  • 400B
    Annual SMS Sending in China
  • 390%
    International Business Year-on-Year Growth in 2022
  • Montnets Technologies was established.
  • Launched Qixintong business version software system and SMS platform access businesses.
  • It was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China as the whole network SP.
  • It launched the most leading collaborative educational platform in China.
  • It launched the EMP enterprise mobile information platform product.
  • It passed the certification of ISO9001 quality management system.
  • It passed CMMI-ML3 (capacity maturity model integration) and ISO27001.
  • It won the Level-A Agent Certificate for political and company customers of China Mobile Group.
  • The largest financing fund in China-Shanghai Financial Development Venture Fund bought shares of Montnets.
  • Montnets Technology goes public (stock code 002123).
  • Montnets successfully won the bid to become China Mobile's largest RBM partner.
  • Montnets International (Hong Kong) limited was established.
Corporate Culture
Corporate Vision
Becoming the world's leading cloud communications service provider
Montnets focuses on the mobile data field and strives to create maximum value for each and every indispensable overall value chain of shareholders, employees and partners while seeking to become the most valuable provider for customers.
Corporate Mission
Building the future of corporate communications
As the pioneer in the field of China's mobile Internet operation, Montnets insists on developing efficient, high-quality, standardized and transparent health services and promotes the transformation of customers into mobile Internet and mobile information. In the past ten years, it has successfully joined hands with hundreds of thousands of high-quality customers in the industry. From customer communication, data calculation to business development, it has comprehensively enhanced customer management capabilities, making it easier, safer, more efficient to build a mobile Internet platform and indirectly promoting the rapid development of the customer industry and the national economy.
Enterprise Positioning
China's leading cloud communication service provider
Since its establishment, Montnets has based itself in the mobile Internet industry, focused on the development of cloud communication industry chain and the creation of industrial ecosystem, and constantly achieved better results. At present, it has successfully built the enterprise cloud communication service ecosystem of IM cloud, video cloud and IoT cloud, and realized the high integration of basic communication, mobile internet communication and OTT communication, covering the large and medium-sized enterprise customers in China and taking the lead.In the next three to five years, Montnets will continue to innovate, change, upgrade its products, continue to deepen the cloud communication service ecosystem, base itself in the Chinese market, prepare to enter the global market and expand and strengthen the cloud communication sector to build the world's largest cloud communication platform between the customer and operators and realize absolute control of the B-end and the C-end. In this way, it can provide high-quality cloud communication services for more customers, create value and promote customer success.
Core Values
Hard work, Innovation, Integrity, Win-win outcome
Every success comes from hard work. Hard work is the "core" for Montnets staff to make progress.Innovation drives development. Innovation is the “source power” for Montnets to maintain its competitiveness. Stay true to yourself and trust in others. Integrity is the "foundation of the career" of Montnets. 1+1+1>3 is a win-win situation. Win-win is the "law of value" of Montnets development.
Entrepreneurial Spirit
Focus on your dream, Pursue excellence
Montnets has a lofty vision and mission. This is the goal of the company and the great dream of all Montnets staffs. It is the ideal pursuit that every employee who joins Montnets should identify and strive for and it is the strong motivation for business development and employee happiness. Montnets advocates employees to have dreams, not only expecting employees to recognize the company's development goals, but more importantly, advocating employees to pursue their own dreams. Whether in life or at work, in the short term or long term, the employees are inspired to have goals and upwards pursuit. They are expected to be motivated, have clear goals and directions, and continue to persist and work hard to create possibilities for the dreams until the goal is achieved.

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