MONTNETS Attended the Meeting on Establishment of RCS Working Group


Author: Montnets


March 30, the meeting on the establishment of RCS (Rich Communication Services) Working Group was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, which was jointly sponsored by CACE and CAICT. Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, China UnionPay, basic operators, terminal manufacturers, vertical industry enterprises, Internet enterprises, system developers, CSP enterprises and other RCS industry chain units attended the meeting. Hang Guoqiang director & vice president of MONTNETS was invited to attend as a representative of the sponsor member.

At present, 5G has entered the key stage of development. RCS as one of 5G applications has received great attention of the industry. Its rich multimedia message delivery ability inspires the imagination about applications for users in vertical fields and provides potential market exploration space for the industry. RCS Working Group is committed to leading the development of the industry. Thus it works with more than 100 upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain to explore a sustainable development mode, and gradually build a sound industry chain, ecological chain and value chain of RCS. At the same time, the working group provides strong support for the industry, enabling enterprises in the industry to reach a consensus, letting them understand that RCS is aimed at serving the country, society and users, and actively exploring and promoting applications of RCS in a variety of fields.

At the meeting, Mr. Hang delivered a wonderful speech entitled "Healthy Development, Win-win Cooperation - Some Thoughts on RCS" as follows:

Hang Guoqiang, director & vice president of MONTNETS

Dear leaders, dear Director YU, colleagues and peers in our industry, good afternoon! I am very honored to be a representative of MONTNETS and also a representative of CSP to share RCS with you. Here, the title of my speech is "Healthy Development, Win-win Cooperation - Some Thoughts on RCS". The words used in this title are common words, but I think that these words reflect the core points or the most important elements of RCS development, which will be discussed later.

My speech is divided into three parts. First, some knowledge about RCS; second, the positioning of CSP and our transformation path in the RCS era; third, our experience about RCS.

In the past 30 years, communication services and information networks have undergone a tremendous change. Each of us here is involved in and benefit from it. We conclude that there are three eras: namely, early era during which the ads were mainly distributed through traditional Internet; 3G and 4G era; mobile Internet rapid development era during which the traffic is distributed. In this process, leading enterprises like Ali and Tencent have made great contributions to industrial development and mode innovation. In the future, we think the whole industry is about to enter a service distribution era. As many experts have mentioned just now, the question is how to receive a service by a single click at the most needed time point. This way is more direct and convenient. Now, many tasks in our daily life (accounting for about 90% of all tasks) are completed via mobile phones Apps. That is, the question can be expressed as follows: can we further realize the service distribution of micro scenes using more convenient methods? I think this is an opportunity for our entire industry.

Just at this point of time, RCS comes into being. We believe that RCS has four advantages from the macro level as follows:

First, RCS is a new carrier of information service. While not being a simple upgrade of SMS (which only transmits information transmission with relatively weak interaction ability), RCS provides rich information for enterprises in a direct, convenient, large-scale and interactive manner, and provides a better communication service platform for governments, enterprises, and users. So RCS is a new carrier of information service.

Second, RCS is a new driving force for digital economy. The state attaches great importance to the development of digital economy. RCS is constantly promoting the economic and social organizations to be digitalised, networked and intelligent. RCS can carry various applications and business models such as intelligent search, digital marketing, business handling, e-commerce shopping, which will greatly promote the popularization and further development of digital economy.

Third, RCS brings a new opportunity for global competition. At present, 5G technology is being promoted globally and has risen to the height of national development strategy. RCS which is one of the fastest and most popular applications of 5G will participate in global cooperation and competition.

Fourth, RCS means a new era of win-win industry. We know that RCS needs many people and enterprises of the industry to work together. If all parties of the industry make concerted efforts, then our strength will be very strong. Of course, the problem we need to solve is how to reach consensus among all parties in the industry, how to work together, how to improve the overall operation efficiency, and how to guarantee the user experience.

RCS lets us have many expectations at the specific business and application level, for example, new entrance, new portal, new marketing, new service, etc. This is why RCS has been widely concerned and valued by the industry.

Next I would like to talk about the position and direction of our MONTNETS as a CSP.

As we know, CSP is an abbreviation of CHATBOT service provider, meaning C plus SP. We hope that RCS contains not only C but also SP. In the new era, there are good providers and bad providers, attracting great attention. Therefore, we hope that CSP can have a better definition.

C represents CHATBOT. As a CSP, we should do a good job in the development, maintenance, operation, management and capability opening so forth of CHATBOT. At the same time, we hope that C represents connection and even ubiquitous connection, which includes RCS, MMS, video SMS and other message channels of operators, as well as the ability to update the mailboxes such as intelligent SMS and service number jointly developed by terminal manufacturers, operators, partners. At the same time, we hope to cooperate with some Internet message channels such as WECHAT and DINGTALK to integrate the information channels of operators, terminal manufacturers and social media organically. It is important that we can provide a one-stop, messaging and service solution for enterprises as users.

S represents service. The main function of CSP as an integrator is to provide value-added service capabilities for enterprises and brand customers, which includes access online services, data analysis and effect analysis services, and other value-added services. Of course, in the RCS era, 2B market will always be different. Even in case of similar enterprises and application scenarios, there are different demands. We hope to provide personalized solutions, including privatization deployment of enterprise application platform, and connecting with data of multiple systems within the enterprise, classification by industry, in-depth integration of the segmentation scenario and business. In a word, as a CSP, we should consider capabilities of operators and all parties in the industry to provide one-stop solutions for enterprise customers and even end users.

P represents provider. As a service provider, we should provide one-stop development environment for enterprises and developers, including simple and convenient visual management tools, developer API interface, and SaaS application access, so as to facilitate the self-service of enterprises. At the same time, in the RCS era, we should emphasize the concept of platform. As a CSP, we should provide information superhighway according to capabilities of all parties. Therefore, platform capability is very critical. It includes the communication ability of intelligent routing gateway, the ability of distribute at a high speed under the 3-network integration, and provide flexible ways of dropping-back, so as to ensure the smooth delivery of information.

We understand the CSP in the RCS era through the above three points. To sum up, we hope that CSP not only represents CHATBOT service provider, but also has high-tech content, better operational capability, and a wider and deeper connotation. This also depends on the joint efforts of CSPs.

Next, I would like to share our practice and experience with you briefly.

Our company namely MONTNETS was founded in 2001. In the past 20 years, we have focused on one thing: messaging service. We have experienced many ups and downs, but we never give up. Therefore, we have gained good results, including our service to over 80% of leading customers in Internet, more than 100,000 well-known enterprise customers, and the business scale of hundreds of billion information entries volume per year, etc.

We have invested heavily in RCS in recent years with most of more than RMB 100million as R & D expenses being spent on RCS which is a kind of new business every year. In terms of product, we constantly launch new products relating to RCS, enterprise service numbers, intelligent SMS and so forth, forming a wider scope of message carrier and dropping-back schemes. In terms of platform, while launching Tianhui RCS platform on December 9 last year, we provide the RCS end-to-end intelligent solution for enterprises. In terms of cooperation, we have cooperated with Huawei and other mobile phone manufacturers to innovate and transform traditional SMS into smart messaging and enterprise service numbers. In terms of model innovation, we innovate the RCS Internet marketing mode, and strive to make the RCS a new platform of new service marketing.

In December last year, we released the MONTNETS Tianhui platform, which took the lead in integrating RCS, video SMS, industrial SMS & intelligent SMS as a whole, providing one-stop service for enterprises, realizing intelligent creation of message templates, intelligent review of message content, intelligent dropping-back and routing of messages, intelligent interaction of CHATBOT and intelligent analysis of operation data. Through being intelligent in five links, the end-to-end solution is provided for the enterprises.

In addition, we know that there are many chain and industrial partners, and we hope to form close cooperation with them to achieve win-win results. We have been working closely with three major operators for 20 years, becoming an excellent partner in message service for operators. At the same time, we also form cooperation with excellent enterprises on all chains of RCS. For example, in terms of platform, we have formed close cooperation with Huawei and ZTE; in terms of terminal manufacturer, we cooperate with Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo; in terms of SDK, we work with Juphoon and Fengdong; in terms of AI capability, we are in partnership with iFLYTEK etc. As we all know, there is a big change when compared with the era of SMS. We will adopt the platform cooperation mode. It is necessary to be very professional and accumulate rich experience in exploring service scenarios for all walks of life, designing service schemes, developing CHATBOT and supporting the subsequent operation. In this process, we cannot cover all of segmentation scenarios, so we are very looking forward to cooperating with some of the best software providers and system support parties in various industries to integrate the resources and capabilities of all parties and to create value for enterprise customers. At present, we have been in cooperation with several industry partners and hundreds of industry head customers with regard of RCS.

The establishment of RCS working group is a milestone event in our industry, and it will play an important role in promoting the healthy development, cooperation and win-win of the industry. We need to formulate industry norms, implement unified access standards and code number management methods, strengthen the control of bad behaviors, coordinate and solve problems in the industry in time, so as to ensure the healthy and orderly development of the industry. We think that the development is the core of the industry. We hope to promote the construction of industry standards, coordinate in unified planning and deployment of three networks, jointly build infrastructure, realize interconnection, accelerate the terminal coverage, and ensure the consistency of user experience. In terms of cooperation, we hope 5g message working group will be a platform to gather the mainstream force of the industry, build industry communication platform, summarize and publish industry data and benchmarking cases, and promote all parties to strengthen cooperation, prosper industrial ecology and jointly make a large industrial scale. Finally, we strongly suggest that the RCS industry, while  absorbing the operation experience in the Internet industry, can improve the efficiency of operation, encourage business model innovation, and advance itself and digital economy with the comprehensive advantages of CT+IT.

The above is the main content of my speech. Taking this opportunity, I sincerely thank CACE and CAICT for their efforts in the development of industry. I warmly congratulation on RCS working group on its formal establishment! As one of sponsors of the working group and a representative of CSP partners, we will make every effort to make due contribution to the development of RCS.

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