In Active Response to Pandemic Prevention and Control, Montnets Group Held Online Annual Meeting Successfully


Author: Montnets


On January 23 of 2021, a special annual meeting commenced as planned. In response to the new policy issued on pandemic prevention and control, Montnets Group changed the original offline conference to an online one through cloud video. The first ever virtual meeting turned out to be a great success, connecting the Shenzhen headquarter with other branches nationwide.

The online annual conference was held smoothly, thanks to the distant HD audio-video interaction at large scale enabled by MVAAS Meeting, a core product launched by Montnets as part of its development strategy. The platform was initiated in the second half of 2019, serving as a major contributor to the distant office and cross-region coordination of enterprises of different sizes, standing the test of the lasting COVID-19 throughout the year of 2020.

Based on the cloud empowerment of MVAAS Meeting, the event kept most parts of a traditional meeting, including opening ceremony, executive speech, department registration, work report and awarding. Besides, it also involved colorful online interactions such as registration and blessing in the form of Chinese rap as well as distant speech delivered by outer region staff, providing a unique experience of immersive annual gathering with positive feedback.

The virtual event copied the on-site experience to the most extent with Montnets’ innovative technology, a key power supporting the successful meeting. Prime parts like opening ceremony, executive speech and awarding were held in the main venue, and the real-time pictures of parallel sessions were then transmitted to the main site and demonstrated to all the guests by means of split screen and dual display, bringing in-site experience to all the branch audience.

In light of information security and protection, the platform boasts top secrecy and carrier-level security that safeguard all the parallel sessions. In addition to its independent encryption, the white list function sets restrictions to the engagement access, which eradicates the possibility of outsiders or exterior organizations joining the conference so as to guarantee the safety and order of the virtual meeting.

Now at the call of less gathering, the application of MVAAS Meeting not only saves the attendees from the trouble of moving across regions, but also shields the risk of large-scale assembly. Moreover, the organization cost is greatly lowered and the mobile participation of personnel on business trip makes the event more efficient and convenient. So in other words, MVAAS Meeting renders a high-quality solution to enterprises, allowing their employees distributed in different regions to watch the conference together and take part in the real-time interaction.

At the end of a year, the organization of annual gathering provides companies with a formal stage for the yearly work summary, new year plan and annual recognition. On top of that, it is an indispensable measure to stabilize the morale and encourage the staff in the environment of repeated pandemic outbreaks. The transition from conventional annual meeting to a cloud event, combining enterprises’ social responsibility of epidemic prevention and control with the lifting up of morale, is enabled by the advanced technology, cloud video. Besides, the new form can be regarded as an example set by Montnets as a leader in cloud communication in response to the constantly changing environment. It is believed that the cloud video will blaze a trail in cloud annual meeting for more corporations.

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