IOT Scenario plan
Use a SIM to connect to a global carrier network. Super SIM cards offer multiple level 1 operator relationships so you can get the best rates and coverage in more than 180 countries.
Pain Point
  • The high cost

    A large number of business operations, many equipment, difficult management of tariff statistics.

    High cost for operators around the world.

    The data statistics function and data analysis statistics function are poor and need to be calculated manually.

  • Complex rules

    Device integration is difficult, API integration is difficult, and device management modes are scattered.

    The device NIC adaptation rules are complex.

  • Poor network stability

    Small network coverage, numerous international network operators, small COVERAGE of SIM compatibility.

    How to troubleshoot the device network fault.

    Security protection is not in place, terminal risk information is not timely feedback, and data security is not guaranteed.

Scheme and Advantages
Retail advertising industry background
Mobile information, Convenient and fast, Effective promotion, Instant and efficient.
Advertising screen, Intelligent POS machine, Intelligent sales machine, Intelligent express cabinet.
Transportation and security industry background
Safe and accurate, Equipment management, High confidentiality, Wide application.
Building site, Access control monitoring, Vehicle positioning, Vehicle central control, Rearview mirror equipment and vehicle entertainment equipment connection.
Intelligent Wear industry background
Intelligent monitoring, Instant and efficient, Safe and accurate, Highly confidential.
Smart watches, Smart body detection devices, Children's watches, AR glasses, etc.
More Industry solutions
Environmental protection, Government work, Safe home, Intelligent fire protection, Industrial monitoring, etc.
We have a professional marketing team to provide you with more appropriate industry solutions.
  • 01
    Intelligent adaptation devices and carriers

    Intelligent adaptation.

    Fine control of equipment connection.

    Optimize network coverage.

  • 02
    Flexible deployment worldwide

    Global connectivity data transmission.

    View usage reports in a unified manner.

  • 03
    Connecting global operators

    Best SIM card price.

    Configure and manage your devices.

  • 04
    Personalized solutions

    Customized by professional team.

Start creating secure, personalized communications
Connect the world through a single interface and enjoy all the advantages of an industry-leading platform.
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