5G Message
Accurate marketing of the new message media, vivid display of multimedia information, for users to bring better communication experience and efficient business transformation.
Application Scenarios
Product Marketing
Provide effective product promotion services for enterprises, supporting video, voice, HD pictures, text, text and text parameters, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, H5 link jump, personal access, real-time access statistics.
Application Scenarios
New product release APP drainage Game promotion Pre-sale publicity Product instructions
Point of Marketing
With the help of the rich display effect of 5G messages and the combination of festival hot spots, a good marketing environment can be built through videos, pictures, audio and texts.
Application Scenarios
Festival activities Member welfare Marketing blessing Preferential distribution
Event Notification
Instant discovery, direct display, reduce interception, three network coverage, support video, voice, HD pictures, text, text parameters, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, H5 link jump, personal access, real-time access statistics.
Application Scenarios
Activity graphic Video publicity Coupon distribution APP drainage New product publicity Member notice
Brand Publicity
Through the combination of video, audio, pictures and text of 5G messages, the positioning, brand connotation, audience and brand packaging of the promoted brand can achieve effective visual communication, improve brand reputation, brand loyalty and brand sales power.
Application Scenarios
Brand introduction Star products Brand honor Brand interaction Membership benefits
Electronic Billing
Electronic information such as bills and tickets will be accurately transmitted to designated users through 5G information to ensure data accuracy, improve information security, save social resources and achieve low-carbon environmental protection.
Application Scenarios
Bank statement Electronic bill Electronic ticket Consumption voucher Ere-sale list Statement list
Package price
1 to 1 consult the exclusive consultant of Dreamnet Cloud to know the recommended scheme suitable for their own products.
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  • No application installation required

    5G messages are displayed directly in the SMS inbox.

    SMS inbox is preloaded on every smartphone.

    Users can receive 5G messages without installation.

  • Customer precision marketing

    5G messages are sent based on mobile phone numbers, which correspond to the user's personal identity.

    No authentication required, no login account required.

    Using phone numbers is also more accurate and reliable than using IP/Cache.

  • The commercial advantages are significant

    5G messaging services launched by telcos.

    5G messaging is the killer app to capture the enterprise market.

    Support multiple billing strategies (volume step charge, one price per region or country, etc.)

    Accurately analyze the delivery mode of the terminal enterprise customers, calculate the comprehensive cost by the proportion of the delivery from each operator.

    Have international professional price negotiation team.

Product Superiority
  • Rich in content

    Text, pictures, music, video, etc.

    Provides page aggregation editing capability.

    Automatic download, automatic display, intelligent interaction.

  • Efficient touch of

    5 seconds to reach, converted data real-time update.

    Mobile phone compatibility up to 99.99%.

    Direct channel arrival rate up to 99%*

    Support URL tracking, fast brand spread.

  • Large capacity

    1.9MB content.

    Equivalent to 30-45 seconds of HD video.

    5 hd images or 1 million word novel.

  • Personalized solutions

    Supports DNF, DND, and DNC scenarios.

    Agent enterprise signature and OA.

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