International IOT
Facing the international Internet of Things communication construction of the International Internet of Things cloud, help enterprise systems, equipment and customers to form a stronger connection ability, forming the Internet of everything.
Application Scenarios
Smart Wear
Wearable devices equipped with Internet of Things cards can complete the extension of intelligence, which can be assisted by computers, networks and even other people to more efficient network transmission, processing data and information, and achieve more seamless communication.
Application Scenarios
Smart watches Smart body detection devices Children's watches AR glasses
Retail Advertising
Retail advertising equipment is connected to the Internet of Things card, intelligent link device, real-time data transmission, improve advertising communication and shopping experience, enhance brand image and business, directly or indirectly cause sales growth communication.
Application Scenarios
Advertising screen Intelligent POS machine Intelligent sales machine Intelligent express cabinet
Traffic Safety
Access security equipment and vehicle-mounted equipment through the Internet of Things card, improve the security of equipment, accurate transmission of data, meet equipment management, data security and confidentiality, widely used.
Application Scenarios
Construction site Access control Vehicle positioning Vehicle central control Rearview mirror equipment Vehicle entertainment equipment
Environmental Monitoring
Through the Internet of things card to meet environmental monitoring, the indicators reflecting environmental quality are monitored and measured to determine the environmental pollution status and environmental quality. To provide accurate and reliable monitoring data and information to promote the development of environmental monitoring technology.
Application Scenarios
Street lamp monitoring Water level monitoring Soil and water data collection Agricultural environment monitoring Geological data monitoring
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  • Global iot coverage

    In-depth cooperation with overseas operators.

    Most regions of the world support 2 or more roaming operators.

    Customer signal coverage can obtain high security.

    There are multiple types of core Internet of Things cards to meet users' global networking needs.

  • Function card tube platform

    Multi-dimensional data statistics query, convenient self-service background.

    Real-time network monitoring, risk prediction in advance, global control.

    High security, stable and efficient connection.

    Provides refined connection control, intelligent alarm mechanism, and real-time data analysis.

  • Global operations support

    Global 7*24 hour uninterrupted professional technical support.

    Gold Medal service team, one-to-one precise customized communication plan.

    Supports multiple accounting policies.

    Strong technical advantages, with the support of the domestic Montnets technology cloud communication team.

Product Superiority
  • Perfect global coverage

    Multiple core network iot cards.

    Global networking coverage.

    Multi-carrier support.

  • Friendly and convenient pipe platform

    The platform features are rich and comprehensive.

    Manage iot SIM cards in batches.

    Query the NIC usage in a timely manner.

  • Operations support

    7x24 hour global failure support.

    Timely solve customer problems.

    Support email.

  • Information security

    Complies with carrier-level security standards.

    Supports additional encryption methods such as private lines.

    Protect customer data security.

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