Montnets Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with HTI Group


Author: Montnets


On January 27, Montnets Technology Group Co., Ltd and High-tech Investment Group Ltd (Shenzhen) held a signing ceremony where executives of both companies reached an official strategic cooperation agreement. Attendees included Montnets Chairman Yu Wensheng and President Xu Gang, along with HTI Group Chairman Liu Suhua and President Zhang Zhonghua.

Established in 2001 and listed in 2015, Montnets has become a leader in cloud communication connecting tens of thousands of conglomerates and medium-sized corporations with billions of users. Moreover, as the 5G information technology gets popular, the company concentrated on improving enterprise communication keeps developing technologies and marketable applications and takes the lead in launching a series of 5G information service products and expanding message scenarios to constitute a new 5G messaging service landscape.

Founded in 1994, High-tech Investment Group Ltd (Shenzhen) is a qualified entity with the top credit rating AAA in the capital market, and a specialized financial institution initially set up by Shenzhen Municipal Government to solve the difficult financing of medium-sized and small technology firms. HTI Group and its subsidiaries run businesses including bank loan guarantee, construction guarantee, financial credit enhancement, venture capital, fund management, stock pledged loans, small loan pawns, financial advisor and so on, offering comprehensive investment and financing services for companies from start-ups to mature ones.

As leaders of their respective industry, Montnets’ long-term strategic collaboration with HTI Group fully combines their own advantages in terms of resource and service. According to the agreement, HTI Group will leverage its edge on the financial sector to allow one-stop financial services as part of its supports to meet the demand of Montnets in the field. Likewise, Montnets will also contribute to the empowerment of HTI’s investment and loan to boost the capital flow in the industry.

The cooperative tie established by the two dominant parties can not only promote the mutual development, but also enable them to better resist risks, so that the two parties are well poised to respond to the challenges and opportunities of the new era through open and sharing cooperation.

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