Montnets Group Officially Launched Tianhui 5G Messaging Platform


Author: Montnets


In the morning of November 9, Montnets Group held a ceremony at Shenzhen Bay ECO International Conference Center and officially launched a new 5G strategic product "Tianhui 5G Messaging Platform", demonstrating the latest research results of Montnets based on 5G messaging in a comprehensive, multi-layered, and multi-dimensional manner. The ceremony also witnessed the release of Montnets 5G Messaging Service Technology White Paper. Hundreds of leaders and guests from operators, partners and upstream and downstream industrial chain players attended the ceremony.

Strategic upgrade, building a new model for 5G Messaging Platform

Nowadays, global economy is accelerating its steps into a digital era featuring cross-border integration, systematic innovation and artificial intelligence, and 5G messaging technologies, represented by 5G Messaging, are leading a new round of technical breakthrough and industrial transformation. As the new generation of messaging service form, 5G message combines the features of integrated communication of mobile Internet multi-media and network link interface, and serves as an efficient catalyst enabling enterprises transform into "message is the service" as well as a new information service window that future enterprises should all use.

As a leading enterprise in cloud communication industry, Montnets Group follows the trend of 5G development and develops into a leader in 5G messaging related service industries with decades of industrial resources accumulation and technical achievements. Yu Wensheng, Chairman of Montnets Group, said in his opening remarks that the launch of "Tianhui 5G Messaging Platform" is a technical innovation made by Montnets using 5G messaging to empower the enterprise communication services and also another industrial innovation by Montnets in building a system featuring "message is service". The launch of "Tianhui" is expected to drive comprehensive transformation of social economy, bring new momentum to communication industry, and open a new chapter in 5G digital economy.

Yu Wensheng, Chairman of Montnets Group

"Tianhui 5G Messaging Platform" is the first platform integrating 5G message, video message, and industrial message. It achieves message as service based on 5G standard specification, helps partners lower access threshold of 5G messaging in the process of business revolution through direct delivery, content diversity, and rich interactive rich-media messaging application capacity, and empowers users to create new service scenarios and business expansion methods.

One-stop platform solution

5G is not only an upgrade of information communication technology, but also a comprehensive reform with profound impacts. As the era of 5G service distribution comes, mobile Mailbox is becoming the main battleground for service distribution. To use the emerging 5G messaging technology to empower enterprise communication and facilitate enterprises to communicate with their users in a faster, better, and more efficient way are the core demands for the creation of Montnets "Tianhui 5G Messaging Platform".

Xu Gang, CEO of Montnets Group made a comprehensive introduction of the capacity and operation services of "Tianhui 5G Messaging Platform". As the first platform solution by Montnets in 5G era, "Tianhui" offers Chatbot intelligent interaction, card-form message display, card button redirection, menu bar button and other 5G message service functions. Through integrating intelligent messaging and interactive service capacities, it can meet user's demands for message application operation under different scenarios and gives message the functions of brand promotion and channel interface, besides brand service functions. Moreover, “Tianhui” also offers “5i” platform service capacity, namely intelligent creation, intelligent review, intelligent coverage, intelligent interaction, and intelligent operation, providing safe, stable and efficient technical and operation guarantee for enterprises during the full closed loop process of service distribution, and demonstrating the multi-media, user-friendly and interactive service features of Montnets "Tianhui".

Xu Gang, CEO of Montnets Group

Montnets "Tianhui 5G Messaging Platform" has established cooperation in 5G messaging with hundreds of clients from Internet, finance, public service, retail chain and other industries, providing comprehensive service solutions based on 5G messaging to Ping An Technology,, Yuanfudao and many well-known enterprises.

Besides the official launch of "Tianhui", Montnets Group also signed 5G messaging industrial cooperation agreements with SF Express, Huafeng Xintian, Tecsun Science, ZTE, Juphoon, Fontdo and other representatives from clients, industrial partners and industrial chain partners, aiming to facilitate industrial cooperation and information sharing through aligning with industrial and cooperation partners and promote the rapid iteration and innovation of 5G messaging services.

The launch of "Tianhui" is only a start. In the future, Montnets Group will advance the modernization of 5G messaging platform management and service capacities through information-based methods, build new eco-system with 5G messaging innovation platform, break industrial borders, and keep pace with the times.

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