A2P SMS Scenario plan
Account reminders, Authentication, Marketing, Logistics notifications, Customer service.
Pain Point
  • The high cost

    Information asymmetry of price and cost in international SMS market.

    Direct carrier costs are high.

    Inaccurate grasp of the information of number transfer network.

  • Complex rules

    The local send rules of each country are not familiar.

    DND/DNF/DNC support scenarios are unknown.

    GSM7/ASCII/USC2 encoding application scenarios.

    Two-way SMS support channel.

  • Arrival rate is low

    Whether low-quality routes are used.

    How to troubleshoot channel faults.

    How to judge True DR.

    How to allocate according to channel TPS upper limit.

Scheme and Advantages
Public sector industry background
Mobile information, Service quality, Work efficiency, Public service.
System login verification, Government information disclosure, Emergency reminder, Public opinion adjustment collection, Reminder of payment and charges, Internal interaction and communication, Knowledge publicity and popularization, Public care services.
Internet industry background
Information interaction, User experience, Customer development, User management.
New users, identity verification, password modification and retrieval, sleepy users start and wake up, member activities market promotion, brand building to improve experience, attract and maintain new and old customers, enterprise internal management applications.
Finance industry background
Business decentralized, Immediate and efficient, Safe and accurate, Highly confidential.
Account services, instant enquiries, instant alerts (account information, bill enquiries, consumption alerts, money changes, etc.) instant messages, transaction notifications, payment reminders, customer care, payment confirmation, membership services, financial information notifications, product recommendations, revenue notifications, etc.
More industry solutions
Mobile e-commerce, Traditional industries, Government departments,Real estate, etc.
We have a professional marketing team to provide you with more appropriate industry solutions.
  • 01
    Intelligent routing

    Direct channel.

    100+ SMS partner.

    900+ Channel directly connected to the partner.

  • 02
    Channel quality assurance

    Automatic dial testing with 25 countries.

    Carrier deployment.

    Direct channel arrival rate up to 99%*.

    7x24 noc monitoring.

  • 03
    Operations support

    Global 7x24 hours after-sales support.

    International professional price negotiation team.

    Familiar with local SMS regulation.

  • 04
    Personalized solutions

    Supports DNF, DND, and DNC scenarios.

    Agent enterprise signature and OA.

Cooperation Case
SMS - Verification Code
5 seconds to arrive, flexible variables, support dynamic parameters, flexible content, can be adapted to support various business scenarios.
Application Scenarios
Member registration Login authentication Payment authentication Identity authentication Password retrieval Mobile phone binding
SMS - Notification
Arrival rate 99%+, carrier-grade operation and maintenance guarantee, 24H automatic monitoring switch, large capacity and high concurrency, stable and reliable.
Application Scenarios
Logistics notice Account reminder Customer service Government notice Service notice
SMS - Marketing
Support sending SMS messages of various contents, such as business promotion, new product promotion, member care, etc.
Application Scenarios
Activity publicity Member blessing New product release APP promotion Discount distribution
Voice - verification Code
Voice authentication solves the problem that website or application software users may fail to receive SMS verification codes due to various subjective and objective problems. It has the advantages of response within 6 seconds, automatic switching and active recognition, complementing the real-time effectiveness of SMS verification and web verification, and greatly improving the efficiency of information communication between enterprises and users.
Application Scenarios
Member registration Login authentication Payment authentication Identity authentication Password retrieval Mobile phone binding
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