2021 MWC | Montnets Pioneers in the Commercialization of 5G Messaging


Author: Montnets


The 2021 Mobile World Congress (MWC), the bellwether of mobile communication, has commenced in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center (SNIEC) on February 23. Highlighting “5G IN Summit” and “5g Innovation Zone”, the 2021 MWC again indicates the significance of 5g in innovative applications for several years to come.

5G Innovation Zone—Envision Infinite Possibilities of 5G Messaging

For the first time, 5G Innovation Zone was set on the 2021 MWC themed as “Connected Impact”, which proves 5G to be an absolute buzz in communication industry. The physical venue combining both online and offline activities renders visitors with immersive smart experience by showcasing the latest progress and practice of 5G in technology innovation, application scenario exploration and digitalalization. Among the 5G practices, the star application 5G message also has the first ever independent section and themed summit in MWC, displaying its industrial application and future trends.

On the 5G messaging forum, experts from the industrial chain covering government associations, telecommunication carriers, end-users and messaging service agents all spoke highly of the technology’s future development. Among the professionals, general manager of China Unicom production center Zhang Yunyong announced the approaching commercialization of the application. He noted that 5G messaging is technically poised to be put into commercial use at a small scale, as several flagship commercial terminals have finished technical identification and the interconnectivity and interoperability of China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile have entered the trial stage.

5G Ecosystem Built to Empower Digital Economy

Focusing on the message inbox of mobile terminals, 5G messaging realizes message-as-service through transformation of the traditional message to service and is thus labeled as the part and parcel of next-generation enterprise service since its creation for its inclusive security, no installation, unified standards and strong interactivity. It is in this sector that Montnets, a leader in cloud communication and a member of Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA), has dominated with its years of efforts in accumulating resources and developing technology.

On the exhibition, Montnets also showcased the latest findings of 5G technology evolution and industrial cooperation, combined with a few excellent solutions in 5G messaging chatbot whose application scenarios include financial, administration, education, cultural tourism and medical services.

To better implement the commercialization of 5G message, Montnets has launched Tianhui 5G message platform at the end of 2020. Recently, the platform has been updated with comprehensive improvements in consistent terminal experience, product merging capacity and service proficiency, turning the converged communications to AI smart scenario service.

At the moment, Montnets boasts 5 strategic partners, over a hundred of 5G authorized clients and more than 300 cooperation companies. Moreover, thanks to its profound research capability and rich operation experience, Montnets has won the partnership of Chatbot Service Provider (CSP) with China Mobile in 12 provinces and also qualified as 5G message CSP of China Unicom and China Telecom. On the first 5G message talk show held on February 24, vice general manager Rao Guanqi of Montents 5G message strategic cooperation center reshaped CSP in his speech. He said that the CSP in the 5G era should enable interactive chatbot communications and customized solutions as well as one-stop self-services. The achievement Montnets has scored fully indicate its innovation in building the 5G ecosystem.

It has been a common ground that 5G messaging, a killer application of this era, will precipitate the cross-industry integration of different sectors. Going forward, a new age of information service is around the corner when the application gradually comes into use despite all those difficulties.

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